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How you can help!

Now you're probably wondering "How can I, the average user help support this site and its creator?", and if you're not wondering that then... Well, you're a big ol' selfish bitch. Regardless, there's three ways you can help support PunkCartoons.com!

Buy a t-shirt

Yes sir, the tried and true classic for any budding young capitalist, trading money for goods! In this case, t-shirts and other such whatnots of my own design at very reasonable markups! Get yourself something nice to wear and in return give me a nice little chunk of profit. Such a deal, you'd be an absolute fool not to take it!

Donate to my Subscribestar

Maybe you're not into t-shirts though and you just wanna help out without crowding up your closet. Well, then you can always donate to me directly and in return you'll get all my cartoons in an MP4 download that you can watch offline or even edit into funny little Youtube Poops if ya want. I only ask that you don't be a douche and reupload them all to Youtube

The free way

Word of mouth! Spread the word about PunkCartoons, tell your family, your friends, your enemies, your dentist, anyone who you think will appreciate a freakin' sweet indie website full of freakin' sweet indie cartoons. Hell, write "PunkCartoons.com" on the walls of bathroom stalls if ya want, I don't care how ya do it, just get the word out there and get some people over here!!!