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The RedSnake Report

October 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, fuckers and fuckettes, Punks of all ages! Welcome to the RedSnake Report, an occasional update page where I talk about my cartoons, my website, and maybe even a few things I've been up to in a more unprofessional sense (implying anything I do can be considered "professional" in the first place). It will also be the only page on the whole site where the text isn't red being that it's pretty much the only page that requires one to read more than just a few lines and I've heard that a good chunk of people on the internet have weak stupid little pussy eyes.

Website Updates

First thing's first, depending on when you're reading this I am either working on or have already implemented a new addition to PunkCartoons, that addition being the Comics section! Something I've been thinking about adding since the very start but have always second-guessed. Well, I've finally decided to do it, I'm going to be adding my "Totally Illegal Bootleg South Park Comics" series, a one-page strip that I made a while back that I want to turn into a series, as well as the first... Second? Either way, it's the oldest surviving comic I've made. The artwork in it is shit and it ends on a cliffhanger that I don't intend to continue any time soon but I want it up for historical purposes being that it contains the debut appearance of Darryl, the frycook from my latest cartoon short (hopefully series at some point in the forseeable future) "Lee Van Beef's" and I've never actually uploaded it anywhere aside from some comic sharing website that I'm reasonably sure no one uses anymore. So look forward to that, or enjoy it presently if it's already up.

Cartoon Updates

As for actual animation, I've got a few things in the works but don't know when they'll be finished, shit's been hectic as of late and I'm set back like you wouldn't fucking believe but it's all coming together, slowly but surely. One of the big projects is a collaborative effort between me and my buddy Kutay, until that's in the can I suggest you check out some of his work over on Newgrounds! His style's pretty crude and dirty but if you like my material then the odds are pretty good that you'll get a kick out of his as well.

Casual Talk

On the more unprofessional side of things, I've recently gotten back into a little gaming lately! I finally started playing through Red Dead Redemption 2, the first one stands as one of my favorite games of all time and the sequel is so far putting up a pretty damn good fight for that title, all the characters are fantastic and while Arthur Morgan isn't as compelling a protagonist as John Marston was (as I write this, maybe I'll get more attached to him as the story continues) that still hasn't stopped me from sinking almost twenty-four hours of playtime into the game since I bought it two days ago.

Another game that I always wanted to play and finally got around to is Crazy Taxi... It's fun as all hell, I absolutely love it, you should go play it if you never have. I don't have any real deep thoughts on it aside from the fact that more studios should make fun games like that instead of these enourmous narratives that take up literal days of my time to play... I say right after praising the hell out of RDR2... My point is while I absolutely love a compelling narrative that can keep me enthralled from begining to end, sometimes I just want to play a simple game where I can chill the fuck out for a few hours and have a good time.