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What is PunkCartoons?

PunkCartoons is the comic label of world famous artist, writer, superstar and sex symbol Billy "RedSnake" Shears.

As time goes on I intend to cultivate an evergrowing library of both free short-form comic strips such as my weekly gag strip Rusty and Lila as well as establishing a shop for longer-form digital comic zines and physical comic books further down the line.

So pour yourself a glass of scotch, tea, or chocolate milk depending on your preference, sit back in your favorite chair, bed, or floor, also depending on preference, and relax yourself with some Punk Cartoons, all independent, all underground, all the time.


Run a newspaper? Magazine? Website? If you want a Punk Cartoon Strip showcased in your publication, contact shearswm@protonmail.com for syndication information! Why bother dealing with mediocrity and middle-men in Big-Garfield when you can get something of quality right from the source?

The Code

All Punk Cartoons are approved under a strict code of ethics devised by PunkCartoons owner and founder, Billy "RedSnake" Shears. The Code Of Comics Keeping Suitable Under Certain Kriteria Emphasizing Respectability is as follows:

Note: Some Punk Cartoons made before the writing of the Code Of Comics Keeping Suitable Under Certain Kriteria Emphasizing Respectability are not approved under this code, and new rules may be added to the code at any time if the mood strikes my fancy.

Fanwork Policy

I happily encourage any and all fans of PunkCartoons and its properties to engage in the creation of fanart and fanfiction if they choose to do so, under the following conditions:

NOTE: These rules do not apply to anything I've opted to release under a Creative Commons License. Said exceptions are as follows: