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Hey, don't highlight this text! Knock that shit off!!!

What is Punk Cartoons?

It's a showcase of cartoons and comics made by the site's creator Billy "RedSnake" Shears and his associates.

Think of it as an online TV station, one with dirty jokes and morbid humor! One that follows the garage-punk mentality of "do-it-yourself", hence the name "Punk Cartoons".

Looks like shit.

Well first and foremost, fuck you very much.

Secondly, Punk Cartoons is still in its infancy and as I continue to develop it more I'll be doing my best to constantly improve in every department from the animation and comics to the coding behind the website itself. So even if you think it sucks now, I intend to make every new aspect of it better than the last, so stay tuned.

How do I get my cartoons/comics on your website?

Step 1: I've gotta like you and your work

Step 2: You've gotta produce content that would fit in with the overall asthetic of the site

Step 3: We've gotta develop a working relationship so I know you're not a bum. We've already got a bum on this website, he's me and I run the damn place so I'm here by default.

Keep in mind: Even if you meet all these criteria, you will not get paid to host anything on Punk Cartoons, it's currently run on a volunteer system of people who care about the idea of the site and want to see it grow, and if that's a sentiment that applies to you then there might just be some room for you in our small collective after all.


Now, having said all that, if you wanna collaborate on something then my inbox is open! Just shoot an email over to shearswm@gmail.com with your idea and some examples of your past work and maybe we can get something rolling!