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What is Punk Cartoons?

It's the official website of Punk Cartoonist, Billy "RedSnake" Shears.


Shame on you for not knowing. I'm an artist, an animator, a creator of... Stuff. I mainly operate off of Newgrounds.com (which you should all check out by the way, it's fuckin' great!) but I came to the decision that I should probably have my own website if I'm ever gonna be taken seriously, so I learned a little html and here we are! I hope you get a kick out of this thing I created, and hopefully over time I can develop it into something totally rad.

Alright, that's kinda cool I guess, but what in the absolute fuck IS a "Punk Cartoon"?

Oh. It's any cartoon made by an independent artist/group of artists that challenges the mainstream idea of what a cartoon can/should be. It's like Punk Rock... But with cartoons... I'm not going too fast for you, am I?